Locals Tipped on Utilizing Government Health Facilities.


By Anthony Kushaba


Ugandans have been urged to always utilize government health facilities in a bid to improve service delivery and fight diseases.

The call was on Monday made by Ntungamo district secretary for health Bibiana Kakinoni while speaking at a monitoring meeting for the twin staff house at Kaina health center III.

Kakinoni revealed that locals have on several occasssions failed to seek medical care and instead remained in their homes yet the government has put in place facilities to enable them get access to medical care.

Ntungamo gets three motorcycles for extension workers.

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district on Tuesday handed over three brand new motorcycles to the extension workers in a bid to improve agricultural extension services and production.

While handing over the heavy-duty motorcycles under the UG BOSS brand at the district headquarters, Ntungamo resident district commissioner Geoffrey Mucunguzi called on the extension workers to put the motorcycles to good use by reaching out to the farmers and helping them produce more.

Ntungamo District Launches an Ambitious Wetland Restoration Project

By Anthony Kushaba


In a groundbreaking initiative to combat the adverse effects of climate change and safeguard the environment, Ntungamo District has embarked on a comprehensive wetland restoration project.

The endeavor, supported by the Green Climate Fund, aims to sensitize locals and stakeholders, ensuring the protection of existing wetlands and the restoration of those that have been depleted.

Ntungamo RDC Advocates for Increased HIV Awareness

By Anthony Kushaba

In a bid to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Geoffrey Muchunguzi, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Ntungamo, is urging heightened awareness and sensitization efforts. Muchunguzi emphasized the necessity of amplifying educational initiatives during a stakeholders’ engagement meeting at Ntungamo Resort. The event held on Tuesday, organized by the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICWEA) and the Ntungamo District Local Government, aimed to address the ongoing challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Ntungamo District Chairperson Champions Councilors in Educational Mobilization Drive

By Anthony Kusha

Ntungamo District Chairperson, Sam Muchunguzi, has urged councilors in the district to actively engage in mobilizing local communities to prioritize education and enhance service delivery. Speaking at the announcement of the joint primary seven examination results in the district council hall on Monday, Muchunguzi emphasized the crucial role of councilors in encouraging parents to support their children’s education. He emphasized the need for parents to contribute by providing scholastic materials and creating a conducive learning environment.

Ntungamo District Chairperson Advocates for Increased Utilization of Government Health Facilities

By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi has called for increased utilization of government health facilities in the district to eradicate diseases.

The chairperson was speaking on Wednesday at the handover ceremony of newly constructed facilities at Kafunjo Health Center III in Kafunjo-Mirama town council. Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba encouraged local residents to prioritize the use of government-supported health facilities for timely medical care.

Ntungamo Chairperson calls for joint efforts towards environmental protection


By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba has called on the locals in the district to work closely with the leaders and development partners to protect the environment.

Muchuguzi was  on Monday speaking during the budget conference held in the district council hall.

The budget conference was held under the theme “Full monetization of Uganda’s economy through commercial agriculture, industrialization, expanding and broadening services, digital transformation, and market access.”

Ntungamo Authorities Urge Responsible Use of Mosquito Nets to Combat Malaria

Anthony Kushaba


Local authorities in Ntungamo are emphasizing the importance of responsible usage of mosquito nets provided by the government in the fight against malaria. The call to action came during a ceremony to receive 304,640 mosquito nets procured by the government, with Deputy Resident District Commissioner Robert Niwamanya Kamuntu leading the charge.