NUDIPU rallies local governments to prioritize budgeting for PWDS.

By Anthony Kushaba



The National Union for Persons with Disability has urged local governments across the country to prioritize budget allocations for individuals with disabilities, aiming to enhance inclusivity and equality.

Lydia Kabusinge, the program officer for the National Union for Persons with Disability—Uganda, delivered this message during the conclusion of a five-day training workshop for leaders in Ntungamo district.

Kabusinge emphasized that many local governments have not been actively ensuring the prioritization of people with disabilities, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue.

She stressed the pivotal role councilors can play in facilitating the provision of essential facilities such as ramps, recruitment of sign language interpreters, and the employment of special needs teachers.

Kabusinge disclosed that the training aimed to equip councilors with a deeper understanding of disability issues, enabling them to mobilize other leaders to provide increased support for the two representatives of persons with disabilities in the councils.

Gorreti Turyahirwa, the assistant program officer for the NUDIPU Ntungamo branch, noted the historical lack of resource allocation by local governments towards persons with disabilities. Despite funding constraints, she advocated for the allocation of available resources as a starting point, with room for gradual improvement.

Juliet Mpamize, the local council five councillor for the western division, expressed gratitude for the insightful training, emphasizing its role in enhancing support for individuals with disabilities to realize their full potential.

Ainea Asasibwe, the Ruhaama East subcounty councillor, highlighted the training's focus on lobbying for the integration of projects and programs benefiting persons with disabilities. He emphasized the importance of forging closer ties with individuals with disabilities to ensure their access to government initiatives.

The workshop, centered on disability inclusion and accountability training, targeted councilors from Ntungamo district council, Ntungamo municipal council, and selected technocrats.

Participants received training on various aspects, including accountability mechanisms, motion formulation, budget review processes, lobbying strategies, and advocating for the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

NUDIPU has conducted similar training sessions for councilors in other districts such as Kabale, Napak, Luwero, and Kibaale, demonstrating its commitment to promoting disability rights and inclusivity across Uganda.