Ntungamo District Chairperson Champions Councilors in Educational Mobilization Drive

By Anthony Kusha

Ntungamo District Chairperson, Sam Muchunguzi, has urged councilors in the district to actively engage in mobilizing local communities to prioritize education and enhance service delivery. Speaking at the announcement of the joint primary seven examination results in the district council hall on Monday, Muchunguzi emphasized the crucial role of councilors in encouraging parents to support their children’s education. He emphasized the need for parents to contribute by providing scholastic materials and creating a conducive learning environment.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration within the education sector, Ntungamo Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Mbabazi Lawrence, called on headteachers to foster close working relationships with other teachers in their respective schools. Lawrence emphasized that isolated working practices among headteachers can lead to confusion and conflicts, as some teachers may perceive resource mismanagement. He stressed the value of open accountability to minimize confusion and enhance overall school performance.

Mbabazi Lawrence the Deputy chief administrative officer speaking .
Commending the collaborative efforts of headteachers and education staff, Ntungamo Acting District Education Officer, Bahati Fred, expressed appreciation for their role in ensuring the success of the joint exams. Januario Masheija, Chairperson of the Ntungamo District Head Teachers Association, underscored the significance of joint examinations in helping schools assess and improve their performance.

Out of the 10,980 pupils who participated in the joint examinations, 1,468 achieved a Division 1, constituting 13.36 percent of the total. Notably, Kajara County secured the top position, followed by Ruhama Main Constituency in the second position, Rushenyi in the third, and Ruhama East Constituency in the last position.