Celebrating 40 Years of Bwongyera Girls School: Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja Leads Fundraising Efforts

By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo, Uganda

April 3, 2024

Bwongyera Girls School in Ntungamo District on commemorated four decades of empowering young women through education with a vibrant fundraising gala on Tuesday. The event, held to raise funds for the construction of a multipurpose hall and a girls' dormitory, drew dignitaries and supporters from across Uganda, showcasing a unified commitment to advancing girls' education.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja, representing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, graced the occasion, underscoring the government's staunch backing for girls' education. President Museveni's contribution of 80 million Ugandan shillings reflected the administration's dedication to enhancing educational infrastructure. In a personal capacity, Prime Minister Nabanja contributed 10 million shillings towards the cause, emphasizing her commitment to the advancement of young women.

Addressing the audience, Prime Minister Nabanja reiterated the government's promise to strengthen initiatives for girls' education, emphasizing its pivotal role in societal progress. She hailed Bwongyera Girls School as a beacon of hope for girls in Ntungamo District and emphasized the government's resolve to ensure every girl accesses quality education.

The fundraising event garnered over Ugx 160 million in cash and pledges, with a target of Ugx 500 million for the completion of the Multipurpose Block. Headmistress Ms. Katushabe Grace highlighted the theme, "Consolidating Girl Child Education for Sustainable Development," stressing the school's commitment to nurturing future female leaders.

Samuel Muchunguzi, Chairperson of Ntungamo District Local Council Five, lauded Bwongyera Girls School's pivotal role in advancing girls' education as the sole government-aided girls' secondary school in the district. He applauded the government and alumni for their unwavering support for infrastructural development.

Ntungamo Woman Member of Parliament, Bata Kamateneti, emphasized the timely construction of the multipurpose hall to accommodate the growing student population. Meanwhile, Kajara Member of Parliament, Michael Timuzigu, praised the collaborative efforts between the district and the Church of Uganda in maintaining the school's standards.

Bwongyera Girls School, established in 1984 by the Church of Uganda, has nurtured numerous prominent Ugandan women, including the First Lady and Minister of Education, Mrs. Janet Kataha Museveni. Its legacy of empowering young women continues to inspire communities and policymakers alike in their pursuit of educational equity and societal development.